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Character Name: Nathaniel Graison
Age: 20
Fandom: Anita Blake by Laurell K Hamilton
PB: Bartek Borowiec

Transition point: At his first Appearence. (Nathaniel's parents died
when he was young, and that Nathaniel and his older brother Nicky were
in the custody of an abusive man. Nicky protected Nathaniel at first,
but also died when Nathaniel was quite young, at which point Nathaniel
ran away. At some point in his late teens, Nathaniel was found by
Gabriel. By that point, Nathaniel was a drug addicted prostitute, and
was so submissive and masochistic that he was literally incapable of
saying no to any torture proposed to him. Gabriel helped Nathaniel
stop taking drugs but was unable or unwilling to address Nathaniel's
other problems and simply pimped Nathaniel, restraining customers from
taking too much advantage of him)
My character is a: Wildcard. He's incapable of functioning on his own
so he'll be good or bad depending on under who's care he falls.
Physical description: Nathaniel is a striking wereleopard in his early
twenties, approximately 5'6" with long mahogany auburn hair, lilac
eyes, "pretty" rather than handsome features, and a muscular swimmer's
body. In his animal form, Nathaniel is a black were-leopard.
Personality: Nathaniel is so submissive and masochistic that he was
literally incapable of saying no to any torture proposed to him. But
he is a sweet young man who cares deeply for his friends. He can be a
little bit of a 'house wife'. He likes to Cook and clean, he can sew
and generally be helpful around the house.
Strengths: He is Double jointed and moves fluidly. He can dance, has a
relatively good singing voice, he can sew and knit, clean and wash. He
can also heal from terrible wounds relatively easily.
Flaws: He can't say no to someone. He burns when his skin touches
silver. He likes pain to much.
What can kill your character? Silver attacks are harder to heal from.
So wounds from those are more dangerous. Silver in general is a
problem, as it burns. But he can survive a lot of torture. But most
things that can kill a human can kill him if bad enough. He can
survive being stabbed several times but if he heals around a knife
that would do serious damage.