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Feb. 26th, 2009

I have a secret.......

See here

Jan. 29th, 2009

Your Stripper Song Is

Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot

"So Cosmo says you're fat

Well I ain't down with that!

'Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin'"

You've got a boomin' body, and you're not afraid to show it off.

Locked to Kage!

Nate finally led the way into the right Place. Leading Kage into the New York Nathaniel had found in one of the branches of the nexus.  He glanced around "I saw him..... here" he murmered motioning down the street "I don't know if he's still here" he murmered.

Nathaniel was sat in the coffee shop sipping on a very large coffee with lots and lots of cream.

"Here" Nate said as he pointing into the coffee shop.

Jan. 14th, 2009

Sweet Zance.
I've come to a worked out a way to be less bother for you. I've found some where else to live and I've also been thinking about getting a job.
I'll be out of your way and no trouble to you.

Jan. 11th, 2009

How I'm improving myself.

I want to make Zance happy. I want to make Miriam happy.
I need to make what they've done for me valu, valaball, valualable worthit. The people in the nexus have given me ideas. If I can learn. I can be better. So, I may accept the job.
Thats a good firm step towards being a real person. I think.
Maybe go to school. I mean being on the streets I never really did. So if I get some qualifications or something.
I think I can do this.

But I can't lean on them. That seems to be bad.

Oh I also found something else. I found this dvd, and well, the character, he looks about my age. And he's 'normal'. So the plan is simple. Try to be him.

and particually stay at least two steps away from zance.

Locked to Zance

Nathaniel smiled brightly leading Zance the last of the way to Stephen. He knocked loudly, hearing no answer he let himself in. "Here we are" he said softly as he lead the way through the house "Nice isn't it?" he said as they went into the living room. On the fireplace a picture of stephen and his brother. "Cosy isn't it. He let me help out with that. Making it homely. It's not gar from the Pack ground either" he added.



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